Working to build products that help;

Laboring to dismantle systems that hurt.


Building tools for learning at Remind Coaching.


Most recently, I founded a low-cost meal kit startup called Loaves. Before that, I was the Senior Manager of Design Systems at Salesforce, where I led a team of designers and CSS magicians to build the first version of the Lightning Design System.

Also, I'm a person! Kind of a nerd though, if you ask me.

Past Work

Affordable home-cooked meals for everyone
Salesforce Lightning Design System
An exercise in scalability, maintainability, & consistency
Salesforce Lightning Experience
Applying modern design thinking to a behemoth of a product
Helping people find restaurants that buy from local farms and purveyors
Salesforce Wave Analytics
Prototyping a data visualization app on the Salesforce Platform
A real estate network for home co-ownership
Lettering & Illustration
Words and drawings